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DESCRIPTION: Burmese are slim, athletic cats with a short, silky coat and golden eyes. There are many colours including; brown, blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, red, lilac-cream (also called lilac torti), blue torti, chocolate torti and brown torti.

Burmese are intelligent, affectionate cats, vocal (but not as demanding as Siamese), active and playful. Burmese kittens are especially well known for their inquisitive nature. Some can be trained to retrieve toys or balls of paper. Most are outgoing and accept strangers well. Some breeders claim the torti coloured Burmese are especially outgoing, mischievous and rascally. They have earned the affectionate nickname of naughty torties. As there have been cases where individual Burmese have acted aggressively, reputable breeders urge prospective buyers to inspect parents of a kitten for any aggressive tendencies.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: About 12-16 years
HEALTH: Hypokalemia is a condition when blood potassium levels drop, initially causing cramping, then paralysis. This can be treated with oral supplements. As with other Oriental breeds, lactose intolerance is common and milk should be avoided. Burmese will wander if allowed and as a result, many are hit by cars.
FEEDING: A varied diet such as canned food, cheese, some mince and dried biscuits should be adequate. They should not be fed solely on dry food as this may cause kidney problems.
GROOMING: Minimal grooming required. Hand stroking should remove loose hairs.
SPACE & EXERCISE: Burmese are an ideal cat for the average home or flat, although they do like room to roam. They tend to exercise adequately on their own and are not a breed which puts on weight easily.


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