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$22 per visit


Fully insured



Daily SMS


Free meeting


Small Animal Minding

At Blondus Dogus we don’t discriminate. We love all animals from the small to the large. Whether your beloved pet is a fish, rabbit, bird or chicken we are here to offer your special pet the best of attention and care of the highest quality care.

Small animal sitting is the perfect alternative for your small friends. We will provide your animals with a quality and caring service. It is more stable and reliable than asking a neighbour. You will have the same dedicated caring pet sitter each time - who you meet during our free consultation is the person who will care for your beloved pet for the duration of the service.

As part of our Small Animal Sitting service, we will collect your mail, water indoor plants, turn lights off and on and put your bins out at no extra charge! For added piece of mind, we will send you a daily email or SMS to let you know everything is ok.

If your pet is a V.I.P (Very Important Pet), contact us now to make a booking.